“Mark came to us through a recommendation and we’re glad he did. He hired our Director of Human Resources and she has been such a great find with a background in plant HR in food manufacturing, she was the perfect fit for our needs. I would highly recommend using Mark for any difficult or precise searches for your plant.”

Tony Cantella, President, Papa Cantellas

“We have been using Mark and his team for three years now and in those three years, he has provided us over 7 exceptional placements, of which all are still working for us and have been great fits. We love Mark! He’s fun, professional and very easy to work with. We always get the best options available, options that are already in our distribution line of work and ready to work for us. I would highly recommend Mark for any operational/warehouse or procurement related needs.”

Sharon Lawson, VP of HR, Julius Silvert Food Distributors

“We first hired Mark and his team for a VP of Sales search. We hired his candidate, but after only 60 days it didn’t work out. Without hesitation or issues, they found his replacement within two weeks. We now use PCI for all our hiring needs, from truck drivers to selectors, sales and sales management, procurement, warehouse and transportation up to our VP of Ops and Human Resources. They are professional, easy to work with and only give us exceptionally talented individuals in our foodservice distribution industry. Without their help, we would not have grown as we have and reduced our overhead like we have. I would recommend them to anyone in our line of work.”

Gary Roccaro, CEO, Maximum Quality Foods

“We used our existing two recruiters we’ve used in the past to help us find a VP of Sales for our company. After many months of coming up short, Unipro recommended Mark. Within one week, he found us three exceptional options, we interviewed two and hired one of them. He was a perfect match with a strong motivation to relocate due to the fact that both he and his wife grew up in our state and wanted to eventually move back here. Mark was amazingly professional in his routine, easy to work with and, most importantly, urgent in his response to our need. I would highly recommend Mark to any foodservice distribution company for their sales needs.”

Tracy Christian, VP of HR, Van Eerden Foodservice

“Mark is a brilliant business mind who is focused on aligning people with the right organizations. He understands the needs of his corporate clients and is extremely personable.”

Peter Goldsberry, Former Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Ventura Foods, Supreme Oil and current EVP of Riverina Oil

“We use Mark to hire our hard-to-find sales talent all over the country. He’s professional, gives us the perfect candidate match every time, so we know that each individual he sends us has been carefully vetted by his team. We enjoy working with Mark and would recommend him to anyone in our field”

Sabina Tonerelli-Frey, Director of Human Resources, Swiss Chalet

"Mark has been our go-to recruiter for quite some time now and he consistently brings us qualified and quality candidates that we have gone on to hire with great results. He is professional, courteous and easy to work with. He doesn’t send us non-qualified candidates as he takes the time to vet them to fit our needs for the position and the company culture. I love that about him. I completely recommend using ProConcepts for all your sales management related needs."

Dimitra Rizzi, SVP of Sales, GET Melamine

“We heard about Mark from an employee and how good was that! He quickly found us our Regional Sales Manager and several other key positions. All our candidates were hand selected and a great match for our company. One hire didn’t work out and Mark was quick to replace that candidate. He’s easy to work with and his processes are very smooth. I would recommend him to anyone in the food distribution industry.“

Laura Anzelone, Director of Sales and Marketing, Reddy Raw Foods

“We hired PCI to help us find a difficult Sales Management search for our Natural Channel. Mark found us “perfect” within one week and we immediately hired her. He was professional, easy to work with and found exactly what we needed. We’re glad we made the right choice in a placement firm. I would recommend using him for your Sales needs.”

Frank Hood, VP of Sales, Global Gardens Group

“We rarely outsource talent acquisition activities but our companies have very unique talent requirements as well as location challenges. Mark has been the only Recruiter over past several years to deliver talented candidates. We call Mark when we need expedited results. He has become our preferred and primary partner on challenging projects..”

Director of HR Brown International

"Our organization went through a lot of change in 2020. Mark was recommended to us by a key executive at UniPro and good thing too. We started using he and his team in 2019 and since then, he has placed over 15 key positions and some smaller positions too. The beauty of PCI is that they don't balk at lower level positions, but will do anything we ask for them in sales, procurement and operations. They're very easy to work with and really know our business, our industry and our needs, expertly and professionally. Mark's a good guy too."

Rosemarie Gomez, VP of HR, BakeMark

“We found Mark through a recommendation of our Vice President of Sales. We were having true difficulty finding the perfect New Product Development Manager for our plant in NY. Within two weeks, he found us two exceptional options and we eventually hired one of those. Mark was a true professional and very easy to work with. He interviewed each candidate ahead of time and both were truly exceptional options for us. I would definitely recommend he and his team.”

Karla Jackson, Director of Corporate HR, Vie de France

“We started using Mark several years ago from a recommendation and we’re fortunate to have him on our side. He is a consummate professional and truly works hard to help us find sales talent we otherwise wouldn’t be able to find. We now use him exclusively and I would highly recommend Mark and his team."

Mike O’Brien, VP of Sales, Monterrey Mushroom

“We’ve worked with PCI for over a year and they saved us over $100k in fees by placing 12 candidates in 2019. They are professional and only provide the highest quality and qualified candidates. It’s a struggle due to our remote location in Arkansas, but they were able to find the best, relocate a few, and we’re a better organization now than before.”

Casey Carter, VP of HR, Tankersley Foodservice Distribution