Using our network of over 20,000 food and beverage Linkedin connections, along with several other sources, we find only the best rock-star talents that will help grow your company or improve its Executive team, plant, finance/admin, and/or warehouse/logistics operations.

At PCI, we never post any on-line advertisement of a search. We are hunters…..period. This “secret sauce” recipe for success is proprietary. However, after our initial research and hard work into finding a good candidate, if we feel there’s a good match and interest level, we interview each candidate. If we have a good match, we then submit each candidate’s updated resume, along with a detailed write up based on our interview.

As one of the most reputable recruitment agencies in the F&B Industry, we will only submit a few candidate options, knowing that all options would be a perfect fit. This saves everyone time.

We try to keep this as simple as possible for everyone involved but know we are involved throughout the entire process, including checking references. We do not do background checks as our clients have those capabilities.

Pro Concepts International, Inc.

Positions Placed

  • Maintenance/Engineering Leadership
  • Plant Operations Leadership
  • QA/QC Leadership
  • Procurement and Procurement Leadership
  • Warehouse Leadership
  • Transportation Leadership
  • General Managers
  • District/Regional/Director/National/VP of Sales
  • C-Level
  • Marketing/Branding/Consumer Products Leadership
  • R&D / Product Development Leadership
  • Finance/Accounting Leadership
  • Customer Service Leadership
  • Anything else you need…. big or small…we do.